Learning Environment

At Feathers Early Learning Centre We follow our children’s passions and urges, which is why we have invested in creative, well-resourced, aesthetic and stimulating indoor and outdoor spaces.

We are inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach where the environment is considered as the third teacher.

The arrangement of our space is carefully thought out so that every part of our space tells its purpose. We have balanced out our environment to meet the individual needs of each child. There are places where our tamariki can work in small groups, large groups or individually. Our indoor environment is generally filled with indoor plants and is awash with natural light.

Recycled materials, art objects and treasures contribute to the programme provoking children’s imagination, creativity and wonders.

Separate rooms for under and over twos

We have two separate delicate areas – one is for infants and toddlers aged from three months to two years old and the other is for tamariki aged from two to five years old. Each group has their own indoor and outdoor spaces.

Under-2 Room Ngā Kakano (The seed)

In this area the focus is on learning and growing in a safe, secure, fun and loving environment. Each of our tamariki has a primary caregiver devoted to responding to all their needs. We empower our tamariki to actively explore and support their independence skills too.

Over-2 Room Ngā Puawai (The blossom)

In this area we aim to foster smooth transitions for tamariki that transition from Nga Kakano and tamariki who are new to the centre.

We offer a range of opportunities for them to actively explore their environment (mana ao turoa) to challenge themselves physically through play, using loose parts, to prompt their imagination, to be creative, ask questions, make discoveries, and problem solve together. Kaiako help tamariki connect with nature through purposeful regular nature walks at the local park and supporting our tamariki to be Katiaki (guardians) by nurturing and caring for our natural environment. With our tamariki who are 4 years old, and coming up to school age, we support them in school readiness through lunchbox day, project work, taking responsibility for their belongings, reinforcing self-help skills, working in collaboration with tamariki, whānau, and Kaiako to support tamariki to extend and lead their own learning.