Plans in place, practiced

Should we experience an emergency, the safety and well-being of all children and staff are paramount. We have procedures in place to secure the best possible outcomes for our children.

Our emergency procedures include:

  • Quarterly fire, earthquake and evacuation drills are undertaken and documented. If you are present at a fire drill, you are required by law to participate.
  • Fire protection procedures and equipment are reviewed annually.
  • A plan for the safe evacuation of children and teachers from the building is prominently displayed on the notice board.
  • A full civil defence kit is kept on the premises. This includes food and water supply for everyone at the centre for at least one day.¬†We also have a supply of pain relief, tissues, plastic bags and hand washing equipment.
  • We keep a current phone list of staff and families.
  • In case of an emergency situation, every effort will be made to contact parents to collect their child.
  • Children who are not collected by their parents, caregivers or other authorized adults are to be supervised at the centre (if it is safe to remain) for up to three days. After three days, the emergency response unit will assume responsibility.
  • In case of evacuation, Feathers will re-locate all staff and children to the nearest Civil Defence Post, or practical shelter on the way. If possible, any change in location will be communicated via changing the phone message at the centre and a written message at the entrance.