Visit us to prepare us, yourself and your child

Parents and children are encouraged to visit as often as possible before your child is expected to stay at Feathers alone. We suggest visiting regularly for at least a fortnight before your child’s official start date.

At these visits, you are encouraged to get to know your child’s teachers and share information about your child with his or her primary caregiver at Feathers. You will be asked to complete an information sheet about your child which will be discussed and shared during visits.

To ease your child into sleeping at Feathers, it is best for all if they are able to fall asleep on their own without being held or rocked. We try to keep our sleep rooms peaceful. However, they are not silent. So parents should ensure their children are used to sleeping at home with some background noise.

Please label all bottles and clothing clearly to avoid mix ups.

You are welcome to bring any special toys or cuddlies that might help your child to settle. You’re also welcome to stay during the first stages  of transition until your child is settled into an activity or is happy with a teacher.