Clothes, cuddlies – not toys

All clothing, shoes, cuddly toys and bags must be clearly named. Because play and exploration can often be wet or messy, children should be dressed in old or play clothes and a spare change should be packed every day.

In winter, a warm hat, rain attire and gumboots are essential.

In summer, sun hats are to be provided for outdoor play and we recommend that you apply sun block to your child before the start of every day.

Daily bag

Please bring the following items in a named baby bag or schoolbag.

Children under two

  • Enough nappies for the day
  • Milk or milk powder – enough for the day
  • Complete spare set of clothes and extra singlets
  • Items the baby is attached to, e.g. dummy, teddy bear, etc.
  • Sunhat/gumboots or warm waterproof outside clothes in winter.

Children over two

  • Nappies if still needed
  • Complete change of clothes (more when toilet training)
  • Special items for sleep, e.g. cuddly toy, doll, etc.
  • Sunhat/gumboots or warm waterproof outside clothes in winter.


We have a wide range of developmentally appropriate equipment and toys at Feathers. Please explain to your child that the toys at the centre are for everyone to share and that they cannot be taken home.

Also, please dissuade your child from bringing their own toys to the centre. Only cuddly or security toys are welcome, but need to be clearly named. If you have any recorded stories or music that you would like to have played during rest time, please bring them in and we’ll be happy to play them for your child.